All creatures great and small!

One thing I love about the farm is learning about the different animals we have – how to look after them, what their job is on the farm and their different personalities! I really enjoy visiting the different animals, feeding them and looking after them – I don’t even mind mucking them out! I’ve found that one of my favourite animals to work with is our chickens – I could watch them for hours just wandering around the field pecking things and ruffling their feathers. I found it fascinating to watch them digging pits in the soil in the summer and then I learned that they do it to have a dust bath which helps prevent mites and helps them to preen their feathers. I love the way they rush over to you when you enter the field and peck food out of your hands – they will even let you give them a little stroke which I would never have thought!! The ducks are a great little bunch – digging through the wet mud with their beaks and waddling around the field. I have learned how to herd ducks which is just hilarious and very rarely necessary to do, but it’s fun all the same! The rabbits and guinea pigs are great escape artists and it has been a real challenge to keep on top of the digging and chewing but they are still super cute. The turkeys are like two old ladies that wander around at a glacial pace keeping an eye on the rest of the farm (they always remind me of Fowler from ‘Chicken Run’!). Sheep are MASSIVE when you get up close to them – especially when they are running towards you for their food! They are gentle creatures though and I’m only a little bit scared of herding them now 🙂 The goats on the other hand have horns. Horns are scary. Goats with horns are scary. Grumpy goats with horns are terrifying. And dangerous. Goats with horns and food however, are fine. The goats are my final hurdle at the farm – I will feed them and muck them out but I do feel nervous the whole time I’m in there and I am always armed with water to protect me (goats don’t like water, especially the grumpy ones). Fred is the grumpiest of the lot and I have many a bruise where he has bashed in to my legs but I am determined to befriend him! However, I think most of that will be happening with a fence between us!


Painted nails

This runs the risk of being a very long post – you see, I have been obsessed with all things nail related for what feels like forever. I love watching YouTube videos about nail painting (Christine from SimplyNailogical is my favourite), I love painting my nails, I love having my nails painted for me, I love painting other people’s nails and I love buying new nail polishes (read: anything nail related). I have loved all of these things for a very long time and it’s showing no sign of stopping!

I think painted nails and the process of painting nails makes me happy because there’s a beautiful art involved. I enjoy the challenge of painting my nails neatly and I feel really satisfied when I look at a finished set of nails and they are just perfect! Painted nails make me feel glamorous and posh (even though I’m sat here in my pyjamas looking like a scruffball), just watching my nails sparkle as they clack away on the keyboard makes me smile. I remember our primary school choir teacher’s nails clicking as she played the piano and deciding there and then that was what I wanted – to play the piano? NO! To have nails long enough to make them clack on things (such ambition). Since then I’ve had long nails, lots of short nails, acrylic nails, glued on nails, fibreglass nails, gel nails, nail extensions, and a weird hybrid gel/acrylic mix that nobody could get off my nails and nearly did some serious damage to them (but we won’t talk about that) – the lot! And it still makes me smile to think of my choir teacher every time I click my nails on the table.

At the moment I’ve been a very good girl and grown out my natural nails with the help of my Sensationail kit – home gel kits are amazing! Now I can paint my own nails with polishes that don’t chip which has saved me a fortune in going to the salon and it means I can change the colour whenever I fancy.


My current Sensational gel collection – sooooooo pretty!

I am loving glittery polishes at the moment and have just ordered a few more in the Christmas sales*. My current set are gold glitter basically poured over my nails and fixed in place with a tangerine glitter polish. I love watching them sparkle in the light and the running joke in the family at the moment is “Have you done your nails Annie?” due to the number of times I have stopped everyone to make them look and appreciate their loveliness.


Look at all the glitter!!

In short, I blooming love feeling pretty with my posh nails and when I catch them in the corner of my eye I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Simple things, eh?

*They arrived as I was writing this – crazy timing!


Introducing my latest additions: berry nice, shimmering spruce and feeling guilty.