30 for 30

Waaaaaay back in October, I turned 30 and two of my best friends organised the MOST AMAZING birthday surprise – 30 gifts for my 30th birthday. Every single gift was utterly gorgeous and so completely perfect for me. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of them all together because I put them all to use so quickly, but I have photographed a few highlights:


The Spice Girls Greatest Hits CD – ahhhhh they are literally the soundtrack to my childhood. I remember being at a disco when I was 10 and hearing ‘Wannabe’ for the first time – I LOVED IT and so began my relentless collecting of anything Spice Girls related (I’m talking right down to sweet wrappers, crisp packets and drinks cans….).


New stationery makes me so happy – even more so when it’s a bit wacky. The cork notebook is so squishy – we all had to give it a good squish when it came out of the bag!!


This is a little book full of memories the three of us have shared – it reminded me of all the fun adventures we’ve had together and I will absolutely treasure it.


Everyone already knows how much I love a good mug – and this one really tops the list! This is my new favourite because 1) it’s happy, bright and cheerful and 2) It doesn’t feel weird to drink either tea or coffee out of it – it is the perfect hybrid! This herbal tea is absolutely delicious and obviously the posh Waitrose bags make me feel very executive.


A vanilla candle with the first letter of my name on – what could be more perfect??!! and so my love of candles continues…


This wall hanging is so true – and boy do we have a lot of stories!!


This copy of ‘Crochet’ magazine has A LOT to answer for…more on that later. Sufficed to say this has started a whole new hobby.


This is my very first piece of artwork made by Rosie herself – I absolutely adore it and it is currently hanging in my kitchen right where I make my coffee every morning.

It warmed my heart to feel so loved and to realise how well my friends know me, I feel so lucky and so grateful to have both of them!


Scented candles

Anyone who has been in my flat knows that I blooming love scented candles. I have to say I am usually of the Yankee persuasion but I am always open to new experiences – thanks to the news of my candle addiction spreading to friends and family, I have enjoyed all sorts from the crackling sounds of Woodwick to the alcoholic notes of Harrocks gin and tonic.

I love lighting a different candle in each room and enjoying the change in scent as I wander around my little flat. I find the flicker of a candle flame really relaxing and it brings such a cosy feeling to the room.

I received so many candles for my last birthday that my husband decided the ‘new plan’ would be to burn candles as often as we could to ‘get rid of a load’. Now, while I disagree with his sentiment, I certainly wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to freely light my candles whenever I wanted! The funny thing is he actually started to like having them lit all the time, so much so that he even bought a manly candle-lighting-clicker-thingy to light them with. I bought him a manly candle to go with it as a joke and guess what – he liked that too! Now we have candles dotted all around the flat and they’re always lit, and I feel a little wave of happiness every time I walk past them.