About Us


Hi we are Annie and Karen, two great friends who over the years have shared the ups and downs of life. As people who between us struggle with anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia on an almost daily basis, we have spent a lot of time in recent years looking at ways to create a better work-life balance and  ways to improve our overall mental health. Through our own experiences and those of our friends, family and colleagues, mental health is something that we have come to realise should be talked about openly. The more we talk about the things in our heads that plague us, the more we understand ourselves and each other. Armed with this new understanding, we can then set about adjusting our situation or circumstances with the aim of improving how we feel. While there may never be a cure for all of the mental health problems that people experience, creating a situation where you are happier than you were before will surely help in the long run.

We have each made many changes to our lives over the past few years and even though we’re not yet finished, we are definitely happier than we used to be. We are constantly reflecting on how different aspects of our lives make us feel and we are confident that as long as we both continue what we have started, next year things will only get better!

That leads us nicely on to the purpose of this blog. We have spent a long time reflecting on the concept of happiness and it’s something that we are adamant can be achieved by everybody if we search hard enough for it. Maybe if we try enough weird and wonderful approaches, eventually we’ll find happiness in abundance and roll around in it like a pig in….mud. So here is our latest weird and wonderful approach – The Blog of Happiness, a place where we can record, organise, revisit and remember all of the places we find the happy moments in our lives. You never know, it might help you find some new happiness hiding places too. x