My Happy Place

019DEFDC-245A-4602-97A0-834E58A67B82I have definitely found my happy place. I’ve been making a real effort to get out and walk more and I’m loving it. I’m really lucky as about ten minutes walk from my house is the nature reserve, multiple walks and the river. I’ve been combining my love of photography with my walking. I’ve taken literally hundreds of pictures!

The nature reserve is my perfect place to unwind after a long day; I can forget about everything that’s happened and just enjoy the beauty of the nature around me. It’s different everyday and ever changing so there’s always something new to see. The reserve is also the perfect start to the day if I go early in the morning.

I love knowing just where to go to see if the Robin is there, or to see if the cygnets are out. I know where the moorhen is nesting and which flowers are out in the wildflower meadow. There are butterflies and bees and I’ve heard the cuckoo many times. I know where the wren lives and where the ducks’ batchelor perch is!

The only problem is that I can easily lose track of time and lose a couple of hours down there!



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