Gifts of all sorts



I’m actually not the biggest fan of receiving presents, which makes me sound ungrateful. I’m not, I just get a bit embarrassed when people give me things as I often think I don’t deserve them.

However, I love giving gifts to people. I love the smile on their face when you give a gift and I love to spoil my friends. I love that I have the ability to bring a little happiness to people’s  days . For me the happiness is definitely in the giving part.

I also love to give gifts you can’t wrap up like words and smiles and hugs. I know how much it means to me when people say something nice or give a compliment so as often as I can I try to say the nice things that’s I think. People often act surprised when you give a compliment because it’s all too easy to rush along in our busy lives and keep our heads down.

I have learnt that life is too short to let the nice things go unsaid. So I tell the people who are important to me that they are important. And I try to say the compliments that I think.  It’s not always easy but having found my own happiness I want to share it out!

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