Return to blogging

I can’t believe I am finally sitting down with tea and crumpets to write a blog post. I have just checked back through my old posts and the last time I was on here was January…..SO MUCH has happened since then, I don’t even know where to start. At the beginning of this year, things were not going well and at the beginning of February my whole world fell apart. That’s when I stopped blogging and lived in a state of shock for a week, on the sofa, in my pyjamas. Since then, I have slowly been putting my life back together and finally 8 months later I feel ready to blog again – which is good because I have lots to share! I have really missed being on here and sharing my happiness hiding places – I am just so thankful that Karen has been doing such a great job of documenting her amazing thoughts and ideas!

I won’t go in to ‘the horrific thing that happened’ largely because it is still hanging in the back of my mind as a painful little snag that I don’t want any more reminders of, but what I will say is that it was work related and acted as the final nail in the coffin that made me leave teaching. I LOVED being a teacher and I miss the children and my colleagues so much, but I do not miss the nonsense that is our current education system (pause for a bite of crumpet to prevent a political rant!).

Today I am celebrating the landmark of happiness that is my return to this blog, somewhere that I love and I have missed for a long time!

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