Socks is a bit of a random thing to blog about but to me they are a happy little moment in the day. Firstly let me be clear, all of my socks come in pairs. In fact I am in deep admiration of people who can just put their hand in the sock drawer and take two random ones – I just cannot do this! I love socks, the brighter and funkier the better. A friend once asked if she could borrow some black socks when she was staying with me, I couldn’t find any! The closest I came was some mostly black ones but whose toes were covered in a big picture of ‘Elmo’ from the Muppets!  I love to choose my socks in the morning and yes I do have favourite socks. Wearing bright socks started in school when I they were one of the few ways I could personalise my uniform. A small bit of rebellion against authority. I still feel like that when I am dressed smartly but with silly socks in inside my boots! So yes believe it or not socks put a smile on my face. Now what’s shall it be tomorrow … giraffes, owls, monkeys, dinosaurs or perhaps one of the muppets 🙂

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