Scented candles

Anyone who has been in my flat knows that I blooming love scented candles. I have to say I am usually of the Yankee persuasion but I am always open to new experiences – thanks to the news of my candle addiction spreading to friends and family, I have enjoyed all sorts from the crackling sounds of Woodwick to the alcoholic notes of Harrocks gin and tonic.

I love lighting a different candle in each room and enjoying the change in scent as I wander around my little flat. I find the flicker of a candle flame really relaxing and it brings such a cosy feeling to the room.

I received so many candles for my last birthday that my husband decided the ‘new plan’ would be to burn candles as often as we could to ‘get rid of a load’. Now, while I disagree with his sentiment, I certainly wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to freely light my candles whenever I wanted! The funny thing is he actually started to like having them lit all the time, so much so that he even bought a manly candle-lighting-clicker-thingy to light them with. I bought him a manly candle to go with it as a joke and guess what – he liked that too! Now we have candles dotted all around the flat and they’re always lit, and I feel a little wave of happiness every time I walk past them.

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